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Mobile Databse Design Consideration

By Noor Zuraidin Mohd Safar
Few aspects need to be considered in order to achieve the goals of designing the Mobile Database System or MDS. Performance need to be stabilized due to the mobility usage.

Oracle Database Archiving Solutions - The Implementation and Management

By Hemal Shrimanker
Database archiving helps companies to save on costs by having smaller database instances. The other advantages of archiving is that it saves on time required for updating the data, for backup and recovery tasks, and helps in fulfilling regulatory compliance obligations.

Inventory Management Database Manages Product's Demand and Supply

By Alan L Smith
Inventory management database is being installed by many companies for effective management of their goods and services. For resellers it proves to be highly lucrative tool, especially in instances when the clients approaches you for certain product. Here the you can utilize the database to find out which items would be best for them and fulfill their requirements.

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